Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Picnic and Bedtime

Liam was a total toddler today. He was a crazy mix of frustrating and adorable. This morning Mike and I were both ready to pull our hair out due to a nonsensical tantrum before we all headed out for the day. Thankfully, tonight he melted our hearts by having a cute picnic with "lots and lots of friends." If that wasn't cute enough, when I went up to go to bed I peeked in and saw Liam with two books propped up and him fast asleep. There are many of my habits that I wish Liam would not have picked up. I adore the fact that he has to have at least one book in his bed when he is heading to sleep. That is a habit I hope he always keeps.



Anonymous said...

How adorable. I remember how you always had books everywhere and several in bed with you. I love his little friends. Such creativity and great fun. I need to see and cuddle him. Love, Mom

Linda said...

What an adorable little boy! He's such a mix of both of you in looks. Glad to see he loves his books. So does Cate. Hope to see you all in Maine next summer.
Cate's Gramma

Rick said...

He's looking like such a little man. What a doll! Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying spring break (are you on break this week??). Love you all!